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WHO: I’m an award-winning journalist from Colorado, currently based in Southern California, who specializes in writing and editing adventure-travel narratives and profiles.


HOW: Working on editorial staffs of daily newspapers to internationally distributed magazines for the last 13 years. Answering the increasing demand for the integration of digital and social media content. Broadening my basic mission of clear and effective storytelling to include multimedia and short film production.


With a broad liberal arts base and roots in general assignment reporting, I've covered about every conceivable outdoor activity, often writing about the strange and awesome first-hand: ski jumping, bull riding, raft racing, competitive rock-paper-scissors.


Working the past eight annual production cycles for Canoe & Kayak, I’ve chased stories from Nunavut to New Orleans, and with the launch of SUP in 2009, tracked the rise of standup paddleboarding from fjords in Alaska to canals in Venice.


WHY: We need a carefully curated record of what all has passed—a narrative worth remembering, of what made us laugh around the fire and pushed us to think from a new perspective, often from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the canyon.


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